Diagnosis and improvement of male menopause

Men's menopause, unlike women's menopause, where female hormones drop sharply, is not felt well due to gradual decrease in hormone levels, and men also experience menopause. Various psychological changes, such as depression, and symptoms can occur, adding to the responsibility of the head of the household and economic stress, which can lead to worse symptoms of male menopause.

 Chronic diseases such as smoking, drinking, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia add to menopause symptoms, and symptoms such as fatigue, decreased physical strength, joint pain, decreased sexuality, decreased sexual desire, sleep disorders, and lethargy are the most at risk of depression.


How to diagnose


In order to overcome male menopause, it is important to first determine whether you are male menopause or not in order to overcome male menopause in order to overcome it. If you use self-diagnosis, you can check whether it is male menopause or not more quickly. When self-diagnosing whether it is male genitalia, check the following checks: ▲ Muscle strength and endurance decreased. ▲ Less sexual desire. ▲ I got shorter. ▲ Sudden irritation and sadness. ▲ Loss of motivation. ▲ Just a small exercise feel tired easily. ▲ I get lethargic about everything. ▲ The ability to work has decreased. ▲ I feel more sleepy. If there are more than three applicable items among the listed items, male renewal is suspected.


How to Improve


There are many people who take medication to solve their male menopause. However, a steady intake of food that is good for menopause also helps fight menopause. Foods that help men's menopause are foods that increase levels of male hormones. One of the most widely known foods to help overcome male menopause is oysters. Oysters, a representative stamina food, contain a variety of nutrients, including zinc, which helps increase male hormones. Oysters are also good for preventing anemia due to their cholesterol improvement and iron and copper content. Bokbunja, which is good for preventing aging and recovering from fatigue, is also good for overcoming male menopause. Also, gugiza, bokbunja, wild suyu, tomatoes, black garlic, cinnamon, milk, tuna, salmon and mackerel are considered good foods for men's renewal.