'Detoxification therapy' to protect my body from toxins

 Given the fact that the environment and food are becoming polluted over time, it is no exaggeration to say that our bodies are defenseless from toxins. This is why detox therapy, which strengthens natural healing power by removing toxins that are harmful to the human body, is in the spotlight. Solve all the questions about detoxification therapy.


- Questions about detoxification therapy.

 Various foreign substances enter the body through the skin, mouth, and respiratory system. Foreign substances include harmful substances such as oxidizing substances, heavy metals, fats, and harmful bacteria, and foreign substances caused by the response of our body's cells. These substances are usually concentrated in the liver, colon, and blood, and cause various diseases such as pain and blood circulation problems. However, there is no way to live without contact with these substances as long as they are alive. That is why detoxification is necessary.


- What is detoxification therapy?

When toxins are piled up and the blood circulation in the body is not smooth and clogged, fish blood, tap, and bile are generated, resulting in symptoms everywhere in the body. Allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, asthma, and allergic dermatitis, diarrhea and constipation, shoulder pain, menstrual pain, acne, acne, paralysis, and dementia can be seen as diseases caused by accumulation of wastes.

If toxins are piled up in the body, no matter how healthy food or medicine is taken, it will not work. Therefore, it is urgent to change eating habits and lifestyle to release toxins stored in the body. Afterwards, the body can be protected from toxins by improving its original detoxification function.

Oriental medicine says it is good to get detoxification therapy if you often feel tired or tired. If you are constantly not feeling well or suffer from pain, circulation, and skin problems even without a specific cause, you need to consider detoxification therapy. Detoxification therapy can be said to be applied to almost all diseases because oriental medicine makes it the basis of treatment to help the body's energy and drive out fraud (bad energy that causes disease).

On the other hand, in modern medicine, commonly referred to as both sides, there is no clear concept of detoxification. Recently, it is sometimes called detoxification by combining various treatments that reduce free oxygen, which causes aging and disease, which is hard to see as a formal name. Activated oxygen is the first to occur in the process of creating energy by combining the food we consume with oxygen that is introduced through breathing. In addition to these internal factors, they are also caused by external factors such as stress, radiation, ultraviolet rays, and pollution.

- Types and characteristics of detoxification therapy

● Foot bath therapy ● 

Soak feet in hot water to generate heat in the body, expand blood vessels to release sweat and toxins, and cure or prevent various diseases. It also helps to relieve mental tension.

● Left-hand warm-up therapy● 

The method of putting herbal medicine in boiling water and staining the steam to the reproductive organs is effective for menstrual impurities, menstrual cramps, and lower body obesity by accelerating the circulation of the lower abdomen and discharging waste.

●Hot and cold alternating therapy● 

Therapy for cold and hot water by setting a certain time and temperature. It releases waste matter, improves skin elasticity, and improves immunity. The principle is to start with cold water and end with cold water.

●Best Therapy● 

It releases toxins in the body and boosts intestines to help discharge waste by placing moxa in the main blood site of the abdomen.

●Ocher thermal therapy● 

Therapy for sweating and discharging wastes from areas covered with yellow clay on all sides. It relieves mental and physical tension. It is effective in arthritis, back pain, and gyeonbitang, and is also good for skin care because it has the ability to self-purify.

●Medicinal needle therapy● 

By injecting concentrate of herbal medicine into the human body's infusions, the effects of saliva and herbal medicine are simultaneously exerted. It improves the function of liver, stomach, colon, small intestine, etc. and boosts immunity.

● herbal medicine ● 

It restores the function of weakened organs, promotes metabolism to remove the accumulated wet wall in the body, and prevents it from occurring in the future. In addition, the symptoms of toxins can also disappear.