Detox is a must, not an option!

 Detox simply means "to remove poison," which means to help remove wastes and toxins accumulated in the body.

Recently, detox is essential due to gas and toxins accumulated from fast food, unresolved fatigue caused by overwork, and penetration of fine dust into the body.

A lot of toxins build up in the body leads to disproportionate body rhythm and decreased immunity. Therefore, it is important to remove toxins from the body for a healthy life.

This time, let's dig into detox foods that can help release toxins by just eating.

● Lemon

Even if you didn't know much about detox, you could see people drinking lemon water for detox occasionally.

This is a method that the writer has tried, drying lemon and drinking it often in water. There was no resistance to fresh lemon-flavored water and it was easier to eat than plain water.

The citric acid component in lemon releases toxins piled up in the body, and is rich in vitamin C, which is effective in improving immunity, relieving fatigue, and skin care.

However, since lemons contain a lot of citric acid, people with weak stomachs should eat an appropriate amount.

● Garlic

You may have heard of it at least once, "You can eat two pieces of garlic a day to be healthy." Garlic cannot be left out as a healthy food.

Vitamin B and glycogen in garlic help relieve fatigue accumulated in the liver and relieve stress. Alicin also helps to boost immunity and relieve fatigue by inhibiting bacterial flow and facilitating blood circulation. 

Garlic flakes and pickled garlic are recommended as a way to eat garlic every day.

● Cabbage

Cabbage is one of the top three Western longevity foods selected by Time magazine in the United States. 

Cabbage contains abundant nutrients, among which sulforaphane and gluten components play a major role in removing toxins from the body. It is also rich in fiber, which helps your intestines exercise and helps relieve constipation in one shot.

In fact, cabbage is famous for good food for the stomach. Cabbage, which is everything except for salad, juice, or juice, can be filled with low calories, so it is a food that can detox and diet.

Other foods include leeks, kale, pineapples, bananas, broccoli, and algae. 

If you detox by consuming various foods in a way that suits you, the body will be lighter and the waste will be removed from the body, and the fatigue that has accumulated will be relieved.

Detox to blow toxins to my body! Let's get started right now!