degenerative arthritis;Three herbs that can be easily prevented and treated

 Osteoarthritis is a disease in which the functions of bones, muscles, and ligaments are damaged and inflamed due to gradual damage or degenerative changes in the cartilage that protects joints, resulting in pain. The main symptoms are a clicking sound in the joints when walking, and a stiff or stabbing pain in the knee when walking or climbing stairs. It is a common disease that is known to affect 10-15% of the entire population, and it mainly occurs in the knee, but it also appears in the shoulder, fingers, hip joint, and vertebral joint where the weight is carried.

There are three types of medicinal herbs widely known to the public as effective medicines for arthritis: hyssop, safflower seed, and juniper bean. Wooseul is named for its resemblance to a cow's knee, and is known to be particularly effective on the knee joint. Urseul contains a large amount of ecdysterone and potassium salt, which has various pharmacological effects. In particular, it is effective in relieving eohyeol, joint pain after difficult childbirth or postpartum, knee or back pain, and bruises. Because it has the effect of strengthening muscles and bones when cooked and used, it has been used as a medicine for degenerative arthritis or bruises since ancient times.

Safflower seeds contain organoplatinum calcium, linolenic acid, magnesium, and tocopherol, which are effective in bone health and prevention of osteoporosis. In addition, it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which lowers cholesterol levels and helps to prevent vascular-related diseases. It is also a good food for growing children, students and office workers who use the brain a lot.

It is called Seomoktae (鼠目太) because it is much smaller than Seoritae, which is a common black bean, and looks like mouse eyes. It contains ingredients such as isoflavones, glycine and linolenic acid, and has excellent medicinal properties. Although it is excellent in nutrition, it has an excellent detoxification effect, so it has been cultivated for use as an antidote for coughs, fevers, measles, and various poisonings in every household since ancient times. It is also known as a good food for the prevention and treatment of various adult diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and heart disease.

There is a clinical case report showing that the above three herbs, which are excellent for bone health and joints, such as hyssopus, safflower seed, and soybean sprout, are effective in preventing and treating arthritis and degenerative arthritis when taken together. Osteoarthritis causes pain because cartilage wears out and nutrients are insufficient, and there is not enough synovial fluid. Cartilage grows by receiving nutrients from the bones, and it has been shown that cartilage becomes much softer and arthritis is improved by continuously ingesting hyssop, safflower seed and soybean, which are sufficient for bone nutrition. Nutrients contained in the three foods: hyssop, safflower seed, and soybean sprouts provide sufficient nutrients to osteoblasts, which promote bone cell division, so that the bone tissue becomes hard. When the necessary nutrients are supplied to the bones, the bone tissue becomes hard and the cells become sufficient to provide sufficient nutrients to the cartilage, thereby relieving joint pain.

The method of intake is to prepare pills in the ratio of 1:1:1 with the above three medicines and take them conveniently. Store in a cool place and take 3 to 4 times at a time. If digestion is difficult, reduce the amount and number of times. A total intake of 20g per day is appropriate. In case of poor digestion, remove the soybeans and cook the wooseul and safflower seeds into a ring, and roast the soybeans separately or add them when cooking rice.

Chronic arthritis is a case of stinging pain, swelling, or a feeling of heat even without walking, and it is difficult to see the immediate effect of the above three drugs. After managing chronic heat and pain with a separate prescription, it is recommended to manage it consistently with the above three drugs.

Commonly said to be good for joints, such as bean sprouts, antlers, chicken feet, etc., are hot ingredients that may help to strengthen bones, but be careful not to consume them together as they exacerbate inflammation.