Dangerous summer hypotension as the temperature rises

 Unlike high blood pressure, low blood pressure cannot be accurately defined as blood pressure below a certain level, but generally, low blood pressure is called low blood pressure if the blood pressure is below 100/60 mmHg. Standing hypotension is also defined as a case in which systolic blood pressure drops by more than 20 mmHg and dilator blood pressure drops by more than 10 mHg when lying down and waking up.


 During the hot summer season, you often hear the news that an elderly person collapsed while working under the scorching sun. All of them are cases of dizziness or loss of consciousness due to rapid drop in blood pressure. This is why most patients visit hospitals with low blood pressure in July and August. More than 40 percent of patients are crowded in summer than the average year.(Health Insurance Review and Assessment Institute, 2013).

Why can't I feel the heat?

During the rainy season, hot and humid weather makes me sweat a lot and my body droop.

Blood pressure can easily be compared to water pressure. When the water pressure is low, the water flows weakly. 

Due to the weak flow, not enough blood is reached to the corners of the body, causing the heart to beat faster to supply blood. In severe cases, blood does not reach the optic nerve-related larynx, leading to vision impairment.

The most common standing hypotension of low blood pressure is lying down or sitting down. I feel dizzy when I wake up suddenly. I'm lying down or sitting down. It is recommended to move slowly when you wake up and move after the symptoms disappear even when you wake up.

Unlike high blood pressure, low blood pressure occurs for temporary reasons such as bleeding or dehydration, and symptoms improve quickly, but special care should be taken because it can die of shock rarely. In order to prevent low blood pressure in hot summer, you should refrain from going out in hot weather as much as possible and do not go out to work in the fields when there is a heat wave warning. Also, it is recommended to replenish enough moisture continuously.

It's hard to tell the difference between low blood pressure and anemia?

 Low blood pressure is difficult to distinguish because it is similar to anemia and symptoms. However, accurate diagnosis is essential because there is a difference in treatment due to different causes. Anemia occurs when the blood lacks the hemoglobin responsible for oxygenation or when the number of red blood cells with hemoglobin is insufficient. It happens even if you lack of iron. On the other hand, low blood pressure requires blood to be supplied to each organ in our body when blood pressure drops, but the pump is less effective, so it is often difficult to distinguish it by not supplying enough oxygen like anemia.It's not circulating well, but there's nothing wrong with the blood.

If you are not in good health, you should refrain from going out in hot weather as much as possible, and for the elderly who work in the middle of the day, you should rest in the shade of trees and replenish enough moisture. Excessive exercise is good for indoor exercise, such as bare-handed gymnastics and pilates, so you can't feel dizzy because there is a risk of exhaustion and shock.