Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease smoking is the main cause

 These days, when talking about the "100-year-old era," which has been prolonged due to the development of medical technology, it is now an era where people think it is more important to live healthy than to live long. In order to maintain a healthy life, Koreans should pay attention to the representative chronic diseases that they should be careful of and take care of managing and preventing diseases.

- Find out about chronic obstructive lung disease, which is the main cause of smoking.

Chronic obstructive lung disease is a respiratory disease characterized by abnormal inflammatory reactions of the lungs caused by inhalation of harmful particles (cigarettes) or gases, and by progressive airflow restrictions. The biggest cause is smoking. Other occupational exposure to dust or chemicals for a long period of time may be caused by indoor and outdoor air pollution, respiratory infections, etc.

- A more serious condition than lung cancer

Everyone knows that smoking can lead to lung cancer, but it is not well known that you can die of chronic obstructive lung disease. Currently, the cause of death of chronic obstruction disease is the highest in the world.

The scary thing about this disease is that it is difficult to diagnose it early because there are no symptoms until more than 50% of lung function is lost. Aging, low social and economic conditions, and genetic predisposition are factors at risk for chronic obstructive lung disease. The older you are, the longer you are exposed to risk factors, the more common it occurs in older people, especially those in their 40s and 60s.

Major symptoms include chronic and progressive difficulty breathing, coughing, and phlegm. When breathing or chest pressure appears, people suffer from fatigue, weight loss, and appetite loss.

To prevent chronic obstructive lung disease, you must quit smoking. It is recommended to avoid continuous exposure to dust, smoke, and gas in the workplace, and to avoid outdoor activities on days when outdoor air pollution such as fine dust or yellow dust is severe.

Treatment to prevent early diagnosis and deterioration of the disease is very important because once damaged lung function is never recovered again.

For modern people who have to live in the age of 100, it is more important to live healthy than long. The quality of life depends on management. Let's challenge ourselves to quit smoking to protect our health.