Causes of mental illness, anger control disorder and how to deal with it...

Anger is a state of emotion that humans have that is extremely angry. 

There are so many angry moments in everyday life that things that happen because you can't control your angry emotions can cause many social problems. In addition, anger control disorder, which is most painful in one's own mind, is one of the mental illnesses that must be controlled.

#Hwa-byung symptoms

 Since ancient times, we have tabooed angry and unhappy negative feelings from being expressed or expressed to others. Therefore, they are diagnosed with a vase that builds up anger deep in their hearts. A vase is a disease created in a suppressed culture and social atmosphere, and symptoms of this vase include loss of appetite, indigestion, and insomnia. At first glance, hwabyeong symptoms are similar to depression symptoms, so one should listen to one's own mind.

# Causes of Anger Control Disorder

 The feeling of anger in humans is very basic and directly related to survival. Anger, an emotion to defend oneself, cannot be solved if left unattended or stacked for a certain period of time. Therefore, if anger is not properly expressed and accumulated, other symptoms may appear at some point along with vases, and may occur due to anger control disorder, a disease of the mind that we know.


#How to deal with anger control disorder 

Let's see if there is an appropriate way to deal with anger control disorders caused by inability to control anger and anger in the mind.


a. Aesthetics of 15 seconds 

When angry, the brain nerves get excited and stress hormones erupt. Not only is the mind distressing, but the health of our body, which is dominated by the mind, is also affected. Anger hormones are strongest at 15 seconds and then slowly break down. Therefore, instead of expressing anger immediately in anger, it helps overcome anger control disorder by taking a slow deep breath for 15 seconds. 


b. Relaxation of mind and body 

 At the moment when one feels angry, the human body becomes rigid. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize and relax the highly excited nerves, when meditation and walking help ease anger and relax the rigid body. Not only walking and meditation, but also classical music listening, abdominal breathing, deep breathing, and stretching can be a way to overcome anger control disorders by relaxing the mind and body.

c. Finding a consensus

 Avoiding angry situations can be a fundamental solution. Rather than simply avoiding angry emotions, finding an agreement with the opponent or yourself by focusing on how to solve the problem can be an effective way of anger management.

d. Time to think a day or two

 People all have different ideas and different opinions. Therefore, rather than expressing anger recklessly because you are different from me, it is also a good way to take a day or two to organize your thoughts. Over time, anger naturally decreases and the symptoms of vases can be alleviated. Anger is a natural feeling that humans have, and sometimes yielding and forgiving is a way to overcome anger control disorder. Because being angry is the most painful thing. Even if our opponent has made me so angry today, forgiving in our hearts can be good for ourselves.