Burdock Tea Benefits;

There has been a long history of ingesting burdock roots in Europe, North America, and Asia for the purpose of treating diuretics, Balhanje, and antidote. It is also used as root vegetables in a variety of dishes such as pickled vegetables, boiled foods, salads, and juices, but it is more popular as a healthy tea. 

It contains a variety of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and copper, and also contains vitamins C, B6, and folic acid, making it one of the most beneficial foods for health. The efficacy of burdock varies, including diet, immune system, blood toxin purification, skin improvement, purification of accomodation, constipation improvement, and prevention of colon cancer.  

▲ Diet effect 

Burdock is very rich in dietary fiber and low in calories among vegetables, making it effective for diets. In Donguibogam, burdock is recorded as a natural appetite inhibitor. The effect of the appetite suppressant on owls is due to saponin on the outer shell. Saponin lowers blood sugar on an empty stomach and lowers cholesterol levels. 

▲ Blood purification 

Burdock is a blood purifier that removes toxins and wastes from the liver, kidneys, urinary tracts, and intestines because it contains active compounds that can purify heavy metals. In particular, it is very effective in improving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. 

▲ Diabetes management 

It contains inulin, a type of soluble fiber, which lowers blood sugar levels. There are also studies that help prevent or improve diabetes complications, such as diabetic retinopathy. 

▲ Prevention of specific cancers 

In Europe during the Middle Ages, burdock roots were used to treat various tumors. Animal studies have shown that it is effective for certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colon cancer. 

▲ Mitigation of arthritis 

Studies have shown that excellent anti-inflammatory work is effective in reducing inflammation and edema caused by rheumatoid arthritis. 

▲ Effect of diuretic and constipation improvement 

Inulin in burdock is effective in diuretic action by improving renal function and helps improve overall health as well as kidney function by removing excess fluid and sodium from the body with natural diuretic agents. Burdock is also rich in dietary fiber such as cellulose and lacellose and contains probiotics, which helps to promote suit and bowel movements. 

▲ Skin health 

It helps improve the health of the skin and prevent premature aging by removing harmful toxins from the body that damage the skin with natural antidote. Also, the lignin ingredient is effective in psoriasis and eczema because it has antibacterial effects. 

Burdock is also famous for its potion of youth. Dr. Yoshinori Inakumo, a Japanese breast cancer expert who maintains his 20s in his 60s, is known to be excellent at anti-aging as he has been broadcasting that he has been drinking burdock tea for years and staying young. 

▲ Acne treatment 

It contains various minerals and antioxidants such as iron, tannin, potassium, and flavonoids, which help alleviate acne symptoms. It's good to drink tea, but it's good to wash your face with tea water or use a partial pack. 

Burdock is a chrysanthemum family, so people who are allergic to that type of flower should avoid it. And it is recommended that people with poor kidney function avoid eating because it promotes diuretic action. The ingredient of burdock is cold, so be careful because excessive consumption can cause upset stomach.