Blood vessel management is important for health

There is a saying that people age together with blood vessels. As people age, blood vessel problems gradually arise, and among them, high blood pressure, which increases the pressure of blood vessels, and arteriosclerosis, in which cholesterol oil grime sticks to the blood vessel wall, are typical diseases. Hypertension and arteriosclerosis are so closely related that it is difficult to tell which is first and which is last.

 High blood pressure and arteriosclerosis increase the burden on the heart, resulting in cardiac hypertrophy and poor blood circulation, leading to a decline in the functions of all internal organs and tissues. These degenerative changes in each part of the body are the cause of adult diseases, and these days, together with diabetes and obesity, they are collectively called metabolic syndrome.
 In order to be healthy even in old age, blood vessels must be fresh. That is, arteriosclerosis should not occur, and blood pressure should not rise. Therefore, people who are interested in health should know what their blood pressure is and how clean their blood vessels are.
 People with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis have the following subjective symptoms:
 △ Occasionally headache △ Dizzy △ Stiff shoulders and stiff neck △ Ringing ears △ Shortness of breath when climbing high, sometimes chest pain △ Nosebleeds for no reason △ Numbness in hands and feet
 And risk factors that can raise blood pressure include:
 △When blood contains a lot of fat such as cholesterol and triglycerides (hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis) △ Excessive salt intake △ Smoking △ Obesity △ Stress △ Lack of exercise △ Diabetes, gout, etc.
 Since most of these risk factors are caused by lifestyle, lifestyle changes alone can significantly help control blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should check which of the above conditions apply to them and change their lifestyle.
 Lifestyle rules for hypertensive patients are as follows.
First, avoid vigorous exercise. The best thing to do is to walk.
 Second, it is good to bathe in water at about 40℃ and avoid sauna and cold water friction in winter.
 Third, it is not good to get too excited by stimulating movies or TV programs.
 Fourth, have a bowel movement every day. If you have constipation, it is not good to use too much force when you have a bowel movement.
 Fifth, do not overeat and avoid salty foods.
 Sixth, alcohol is ok in an appropriate amount to accompany it, but excessive drinking is prohibited. Smoking is essential.
 Seventh, fish, sesame, seaweed, seaweed, black beans, apples, and vegetables are better than meat.
 Eighth, do not accumulate stress.
 Ninth, since diabetes promotes high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, people with diabetes should control it with diet, exercise, and drug therapy.
 Maintaining the above lifestyle habits and avoiding risk factors is a great help in managing blood vessels and maintaining a healthy life. The secret to health and longevity is to preserve, not to create.