Bad breath self-diagnosis, causes and how to get rid of it

 The discomfort index quantifies the degree of discomfort that a person feels according to the weather. In summer, when both temperature and humidity are high, the discomfort index also increases. There is another cause that makes people uncomfortable in summer. it smells right Compared to other seasons, summer is humid, so the smell spreads well. In particular, there are many people who suffer from bad body odors such as bad breath.

  Let's take a look at the causes and solutions of bad breath, and check it yourself through self-diagnosis.

◇ Bad breath caused by various diseases

  Self-diagnosis of bad breath is relatively simple.

  First of all, 'Your mouth gets dry even if you brush your teeth' 'I like flour and oily food and eat it often' 'I have irregular meal times' 'I get nauseated while brushing my teeth' 'Eyes become red and stuffy' 'Runny nose It goes behind this neck' 'Fatigue does not go away even if I get enough rest' 'I have a lot of stress and have a sensitive personality' 'I have tried an excessive diet' 'I usually have thick tongue' 'My mouth is dry' You can check the items such as ‘I drink a lot or smoke a lot’, ‘I often have a stomachache and sometimes get sick,’ ‘I have frequent constipation or diarrhea’, ‘I often skip breakfast’, ‘I have repeated stomatitis’.

  Experts recommend that if you fall under 9 or more of the 17 items above, you should see a doctor with bad breath.

  If you fall under 13 or more, there is a high possibility that your bad breath is bad enough to affect your interpersonal relationships or social life, so you need systematic treatment through a specialist.

  ◇ Bad breath caused by various diseases

 If you have bad breath due to tooth decay or periodontal disease, it can be improved through dental treatment. However, bad breath that occurs even when there is no tooth decay or periodontal disease must be found elsewhere. There are various causes of bad breath. It can also be caused by severe rhinitis or sinusitis, and diseases such as reflux esophagitis, constipation, Helicobacter pylori infection, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, and Sjogren's syndrome also cause bad breath. There are various causes of bad breath, so accurate diagnosis is essential to get rid of bad breath.

  In order to accurately identify the cause of bad breath, Interscan's Hallimeter, a device that measures the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC), is required. Through this, it is possible to determine the objective level of bad breath and to determine whether the cause of bad breath is in the mouth or aerobic bad breath that appears as a problem in the body.

  American 'Men's Health' has compiled a way to get rid of bad breath.

◆ Brush your tongue

 The tongue is the most neglected part of brushing teeth. A 2018 study found that people who brushed their tongues when brushing their teeth had less bad breath. The method that experts suggest to brush your tongue is the so-called 'X-shape'. After wiping in an X-shape from the left side of the tongue root to the right side of the tip of the tongue, and from the right side of the root of the tongue to the left of the tip of the tongue, wipe from the center of the tongue to the center of the tip. Repeat this about 6 times.

◆ Drinking water

 When the mouth is dry, the epithelial cells die and become food for the bacteria in the mouth. As bacteria multiply, sulfur-like gas is produced and a bad smell is produced in the mouth. If your mouth feels dry, drink water or rinse with water.

◆ Beware of mouthwash

 Be careful with mouthwashes that contain alcohol. You may feel refreshed immediately after gargling, but as the alcohol evaporates, it makes your mouth dry. If your mouth is dry, bad breath is likely to occur.

◆ Gum

 If you have to have a business meeting after eating a meal full of onions or garlic, it can be difficult. It's a temporary solution, but chewing gum or mint can help. It doesn't eliminate the cause of bad breath, but it can mask the bad smell, so it's better than not doing it.

◆ Hospital

 If bad breath persists even after brushing your teeth, brushing your tongue, and keeping your mouth moist, you should see a doctor. This is because the problem may be somewhere other than your mouth. If you smell acetone, diabetes, fishy kidney failure, and rotten eggs could be signs of liver disease.