All over the family, take care of your health, onion effect.

 When I saw an onion that adults used to dip in soybean paste and take a bite, I started frowning at it, but now I'm used to the taste of sweet and spicy flavor spreading in my mouth! I wonder if my age has become the age of adults when I was young.

You may have heard that onions are good at least once. 

I went to the mart a few days ago, and I think I can easily meet you in the middle of harvest season.Onions are the representative seasoned vegetables of our country.I think it's a seasoned vegetable that you can easily meet at the table. Looking for the effectiveness of onions, which are also good for health, there are a variety of ingredients that are good for the body, so let's take a look at the effect.


Quercetine ingredients in onions

Quercetine is one of the flavonols in plants. In fact, European institutions have published a paper saying that these quercetine ingredients are effective in preventing blood vessels and coronary artery disease. It inhibits fat and cholesterol from accumulating in blood vessels to prevent cells from being attacked from free radicals and peroxidizing lipids, and is effective in cell inflammation and wound recovery.

It is said to help prevent high blood pressure by suppressing fat and cholesterol from accumulating in blood vessels.

Allicin ingredients in onions

The alicin ingredient in onions helps you sleep soundly because it stabilizes your nerves and makes you sleep more comfortable when you can sleep soundly.

Allicin also helps dissolve fiber in the blood vessels, which reduces the risk of blood clots or stroke.

The effect of hangover-relieving onions

Onions contain a large amount of glutathione, which helps absorb vitamin B1 that is consumed when drinking alcohol and helps break down fat in the liver, which is also effective in drinking alcohol the previous day and relieving the hangover the next day.

A variety of other benefits.

In particular, type 2 diabetes, which we know of, is also closely related to blood circulation. This is said to be the case in terms of insulin resistance. There are various advantages that can be greatly beneficial to high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia levels.

It is a healthy food that you can easily find by searching the effects of onions on the Internet. In particular, onions, which are also used as representative seasoned vegetables, are also used as various recipes because they are easily accessible at the table.

When you don't have an appetite in spring, it would be good to make and eat sweet and sour onion pickles. Let's make a healthy spring table with a variety of dishes that suit the whole family's taste with healthy onions.