6 symptoms of stomach cancer

 Is there any way to know about stomach cancer in advance? This time, it introduced six signs or symptoms of stomach cancer.


1. Unreasonable weight loss

 It is easy to think that losing weight is good for your health because you prefer a slim figure these days. However, losing weight without any special diet effort can be a sign of stomach cancer. One of the early major symptoms of stomach cancer is unknown weight loss. For this reason, it is necessary to get a specialist's check-up if there is a change in eating habits, such as the amount of food, or if there is no exercise therapy, but if you lose weight loss.


2. Frequent upset stomach

One of the reasons stomach cancer is dangerous is that the symptoms are similar to common gastrointestinal diseases such as nausea, which is hard to detect.

However, if the symptoms of an upset stomach continue for a long time after eating, it may not be a food-related disease. In this case, it is better to be diagnosed by a specialist.


3. satiety

If you don't eat a lot and you always feel full, it can be an early symptom of stomach cancer. If you don't feel like eating anymore after you start eating, it may be a sign of stomach cancer.

4. Heartburn

Gastric acid reflux is a common symptom that people experience. Eating fried or seasoned foods causes heartburn and indigestion symptoms along with gastric acid reflux.

Gastric acid reflux and heartburn are easily cured by taking medicine. However, if these symptoms persist for a long time, they may be stomach cancer. If heartburn continues to occur and is not treated well with medicine, it is necessary to be diagnosed at a hospital.

5. Frequent vomiting

If you unintentionally vomit once or twice a month, you need to be diagnosed. In particular, if blood is mixed when vomiting, it may be a sign of stomach cancer.


6. Severe pain in the stomach area

Severe pain in the abdomen surrounding the navel is on a different level than a normal upset stomach. Symptoms of stomach swelling and increased body fluid along with pain can occur when stomach cancer occurs.