6 lifestyle tips to keep a healthy mind

1. Enjoy regular spring sunshine as if you were exercising regularly.

Compared to spring and summer, there is less sunlight in fall and winter, so I feel more depressed. Especially in winter, people refrain from outdoor activities because it is cold, so they spend the least time in the sun. Even in winter, it is better to take a walk or exercise outside and spend more time looking at the sun.

Although we are trying to refrain from going out as much as possible, let's prevent depression by opening windows and enjoying the sun whenever possible. If it is hard to see the sun, it is also good to use lighting furniture that feels the light of the sun indoors.

2. Don't keep it in your mind

People who are depressed should not think of it as a virtue to say nothing or endure it. Especially if they have depression, they often put up with it because they are not good at expressing their emotions. Don't put up with it unconditionally and let's develop a habit of expressing your mind wisely.Sometimes it is also a way to scream loudly so that there is no residue left in your heart. It is wise for anyone, such as experts, parents, or close friends, to talk to people they feel comfortable with and ask for maximum help when they have concerns.

3. Regular exercise is important.

Exercise naturally produces endorphins in our bodies and acts as antidepressants. So the more I exercise, the less stress I get from worrying and thinking deeply. It also helps mental health and is good for physical health as it strengthens emotional resistance by increasing the emotional resistance is strengthened. It's good to find a sport that suits you, and at first, let's choose a sport that you can do with fun and consistent regardless of the type of walking, running, swimming health, etc.

Don't forget that everything comes first than you think.

4. Working hard with people around you

You should avoid being alone at home for a long time. Because being alone can make you feel more depressed. It's better to go outside and meet people than stay at home. Creating a lot of close relationships with people through sahwa activities can give them an emotional sense of stability, and help prevent and recover depression. You should go out for a walk for a while, call people you know, or work hard with people around you. If you feel depressed, it may not be easy to meet new people. In this case, it is good to keep in touch with your family or close friends or try to enjoy your hobby.

5. Positive Thinking Efforts

Once a person falls into negative thoughts, the first time is important, he or she can't get out of it with his or her tail. Negative thinking makes you feel worthless and discourages interest in everything. Try to get out of negative thoughts by moving your body, such as recalling pleasant memories or taking a walk lightly. Everything needs practice and the will to win on its own is important.

6. Sleep patterns are important. Regular maintenance

If you have depression, you may have trouble sleeping at night or sleep too much. When you can't fall asleep, trying to force yourself to sleep is stressful. When that happens, it's better to get up from bed and spend time preoccupied with other things until you fall asleep. It is forbidden to use electronic devices such as smartphones in bed. Try to lie on the bed only when you sleep. And take a nap within 30 minutes, but avoid it as much as possible. 

Positive mind Let's increase the immunity of the mind and learn about rule six.

Just as increasing the body's immunity makes the body healthy, efforts to protect itself are most important in order to increase the mind's immunity, just like healthy habits. Although it is a depressing time due to the coronavirus, efforts to maintain positive thoughts and minds are also one of the ways to overcome this situation well.