3 life rules for foot health

 What can I do to keep my feet healthy? Experts usually suggest three rules of life.


First, shoe selection determines the lifespan of your feet.


Most foot problems can be prevented simply by wearing shoes carefully. As the foot gets older, the elasticity of the ligaments that support the round arch of the sole decreases and the length or width of the foot increases. good. Continuing to wear high-heeled shoes can shorten the Achilles tendon, so it's a good idea to take several shoes with different heel heights and wear them alternately.


Second, wiggle constantly in your shoes.


If you need to wear uncomfortable shoes, such as high heels or narrow shoes, the best way to keep your feet healthy is to minimize the time you wear them and to relieve fatigue by exercising your feet in your spare time. If you are forced to wear shoes with pointed ends, it is a good idea to wiggle your toes frequently.


Third, make use of your time watching TV.


Take advantage of the time you watch TV at home. If you wiggle your toes or apply acupressure, lift a towel with your toes, or spread Go balls on the floor and pick them up with your toes, you can strengthen and relax your toe muscles. A foot bath soaked in warm water is also effective in relieving fatigue.