10 healthy habits to keep you young;Youth and health at the same time through minor lifestyle changes

The weather is getting hotter, the Corona 19 situation is still unstable, and the rainy season is coming and going, so the tiring daily life continues. By making minor lifestyle changes, let's regain vitality and enjoy health and beauty at the same time.

one. I have physical contact with my family every day. 

 A child can grow up physically and emotionally balanced and healthy only when there is physical contact. Adults as well as children need adequate physical contact to become emotionally stable and physically healthier. Studies have shown that couples who usually have a lot of physical contact are up to 8 years younger and healthier than couples who don't. Just like when you are dating, you naturally hold hands and hug each other, which is a big driving force for a happy married life.

two. When you wake up in the morning, be sure to stretch first and then wake up.

Stretching stimulates the muscles and nerves loosened by sleep, helping smooth blood circulation and clearing the mind. The habit of jumping out of bed without stretching, especially in the elderly, can cause fatal symptoms of sudden blockage of blood vessels, so be careful.

three. Chew and swallow food at least 30 times.

When you eat food, you have to chew and swallow it about 30 times to mix it with the digestive enzymes in saliva and to digest it well in the stomach. It is recommended to start chewing practice at least 10 times and gradually increase it.

four. Do something that uses your brain every day

The brain is like a precision machine, and if left unused, it ages faster and faster. Try to use your brain frequently, starting with trivial things, such as always doing simple arithmetic calculations mentally without using a calculator or memorizing up to 30 phone numbers of friends or acquaintances.

five. Go to the bathroom after breakfast.

To cure constipation, an incurable disease of modern people, go to the bathroom unconditionally after breakfast. Even if there is no desire to defecate, sitting for a while and massaging the stomach for 3 to 4 minutes and cultivating a bowel movement habit is very effective in relieving constipation symptoms.

six, Take a 15-minute nap every day.

When fatigue accumulates, it is easy to become ill if left unattended. When you are drowsy, your body signals that you are tired, so don't force yourself to sleep, close your eyes even for a moment to relieve fatigue.

seven. After lunch, have a snack in the afternoon.

Eating fruit or light snacks between lunch and dinner can help avoid binge eating in the evening.

eight. Lie on your right side and sleep with your knees bent.

It is said that the most comfortable position in the world is the position the child was in the mother's womb. It is a posture that does not strain the heart, so you can get a good night's sleep and it helps with blood circulation.

nine. I don't dry off after taking a shower.

After showering, wait for it to dry on its own without wiping it off with a towel. During this time, the skin absorbs moisture and regains elasticity.

Ten. I sing for 10 minutes a day.

Stress is the root of all diseases. When I'm stressed or my head is messed up, I don't listen to my favorite song, but sing along. Singing has the effect of changing the mood within a short period of time, so it is a method used in psychiatric treatment for social avoidance and depression. The habit of humming songs while doing housework, such as cooking or cleaning, makes your mind bright and healthy.

In addition to this, do 'sphincter tightening' gymnastics from time to time. There are many healthy habits such as doing national gymnastics with a set time in the morning and evening, walking for 30 minutes or more 3-4 times a week, smoking cessation, and abstinence from alcohol. However, conscious effort is required until a habit of maintaining youthfulness and living a healthy life is established through habit change.